Tesco’s, Sheringham Store

Tesco’s, Sheringham Store, Norfolk

Exescodo Design Ltd was appointed to detail general arrangement drawings and individual unit details for the manufacture of flint faced double cranked precast cladding panels.

The requirement was to produce a wall of repeating precast panels, reducing in height which would form when installed the end elevation of a new food superstore.

Knapped flint lined the timber mould, the reinforcement cage was added and a concrete backing panel was poured.

The unit pictured right is P10 (shown above right on the elevation).

The top line of the units working to the left, slope down to follow the roof line of the new superstore.

Where the units junction together an arrow slot window is formed by the repeating double crease detail.

Unit P10 is the heaviest in weight of the precast panels, weighing in the region of 13 tonnes.