Eton College, Windsor

Exescodo Design Ltd, was appointed by Bulmer Brick Cutting Services to produce a number of construction and fabrication details.

From these details individual bespoke brickwork voussoirs were hand cut, which were then incorporated into fabricated segmental brick arch units for inclusion into a number of complete formed arches.

Each of the brick panels are comprised from individual cut and bonded brick voussoirs. These are set out, detailed and plotted to a full size scale prior to being made into coursing templates to which the bricks are then cut. On these particular arches there are also reconstructed stonework keystones which needed to be co-ordinated into the arch.

Arch 23 forms one end of a vaulted walk through between two of the new buildings at the college.
For further images of the opposite end of the walk through see the photos on the gallery page.

Arch 28 is a double arch, comprised of an inner concave arch with the outer flat elliptical arch. Each brick unit is again formed from bespoke hand cut voussoirs, bonded into individual concrete filled stainless steel backing boxes. The composite bricks/backing boxes were then constructed on an elliptical centre form and raised as a traditional arch with the stonework units.