29 Chiswick High Road, Hounslow

Image reproduced with the kind permission of the developer; Q Developments

For further details of the developer please see www.qdevelopments.com

29 Chiswick High Road, Hounslow, London

Completed in the third quarter of 2013, the development on Chiswick High Road has seen the replacement of an existing building constructed from terracotta dressings with an identical brand new one constructed from Wet Cast reconstructed stonework.

Exescodo Design Ltd produced all of the stonework layout and fabrication drawings and surveyed and profiled some of the existing units to ensure that as exact a match as possible to the original was achieved.

Profiling and templating of the existing individual terracotta units, CAD detailing and plotting out to full size scale and assessing the overlay, was the process adopted by which the accuracy of the component coursing heights and mouldings could be checked.

This building, originally built in imperial gauge, has been re-built in metric gauge and so the coursing heights of units needed to be adjusted and coordinated accordingly.

This project was produced in two contrasting coloured wet cast stonework colours to replicate the original building – portland white and terracotta orange. Now completed, images of the finished development can be seen below and on the Gallery page.