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About Us
The company name 'Exescodo' is derived from my initial employment position, and to those who know of it, hopefully reminds of one of the U.K's premier Architectural Precasters of it's time. 
Originally apprenticed by Empire Stone & Company Ltd of Narborough, Leicestershire, in their drawing office. The 'es' 'co' 'do' part of my company name comes from the words - Empire Stone, Company and Drawing Office.  The 'Ex' prefix - well, I used to work there!
Empire Stone & Company Ltd was founded in 1900 and sadly ceased to trade in 1994, just 6 years short of their centenary.  Over the years they were responsible for some truly fantastic projects including many of the original city centre Burtons Menswear and Marks & Spencer stores, culminating in the supply and installation of the precast units to the MI6 Building at Vauxhall Cross, London, which features in many of the James Bond films.
Without having had the benefit of being taught my trade by some very talented time served draughtsman, my business would not exist and I am proud to be a very small part of the Empire Stone history.
A very big thank you to the below,
exescodo design ltd - MI6 Vauhall Cross, London - by Empire Stone Ltd.Mr J.S. Wale
Mr G.M. Merry
Mr E.J. Pickering
Mr G.A. Perkins
Mr D.F. Timson
Mr R.J. Spence
Mr J.W. Dunnicliffe
Mr P.R. Gutteridge
Mr S. Edkins

Vauxhall Cross, London - by Empire Stone & Co. Ltd
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